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Why Cradlepoint Routers ?


We are often lumped in with the portable WiFi toys like 3 MiFi , Orange Bubbles and Vodafone portable routers, but our main ranges are not aimed at portable but at mobile broadband where the device is externally powered through to routers and adapters providing backup or internet connection where wired broadband is not available.


Key point that distiguish us from the portable products is the inbuilt

'WiPipe' technology that manages the complete connection, end to end:-


Designed with the modem dongles in mind

  • Dongles are designed for use in short bursts, Cradlepoint routers are designed for continous connection, monitoring, managing and even resetting locked up modems or connections automatically.
  • Constant testing of modems as they are released and updating the drivers to ensure the routers work with all the latest modems. Cradlepoint has the largest list of compatible modems.
  • Designed as routers on a cellular connection, not fixed routers with cellular 'bolted on' as an afterthought.
  • Cellular connections are inherrantly unstable with many factors causing disconnection, from loss of signal, to insufficient banwidth, to connection closed due to inactivity, WiPipe manages all of these.
  • Mechanical design and testing ensures positioning of modems and Antennae give the maximum throughput from both WiFi and Cellular radios. Maximise the WAN and LAN speeds.


Easy to Use

  • Literally Plug and Play and Use immediately.

Plug in the router, plug in your activated dongle and you have an internet connection. Simples..

  • No drivers to load or to lock up your system.

If you use 2 dongles with your laptop you will know what I mean - some drivers will not allow co-existance of another network dongle driver. No such issue with Cradlepoint, if you want to change dongles, just pull out one and insert another. of course some allow multiple dongles so you can you can use which ever network .

  • Quick and easy connection of WiFi-enabled devices within a secure network, without the risk of sharing with public users. In-built WEP / WPA / WPA2 high level security ensures this.
  • Removes the risks of searching for a public WiFi Hotspot can be very slow or expensive, or not finding one at all.


VPN Virtual Private Network Easy setup and connection to company VPN systems, giving very high data integrity and security.


Failover to the 3G network from landline-based broadband in the event of a failure, thus ensuring non stop internet access.


Surprisingly low prices, driven by advanced design and manufacturing techniques rather than compromising quality.



Cradlepoint devices require the use of seperate modems. As technology evolves, you merely replace the modem supplied by your carrier or operator. if a device is designed with an inbuilt modem and you just insert your SIM card - When the next generation cellular communications arrive you have to upgrade the complete device which is expensive and time consuming.


4G - The way forward ( I hope !)


As 4G evolves in Europe, not only will this mean you can browse on your phone quicker (big deal) but you will see a migration of users from curent fixed cable broadband to wireless broadband even in fixed installations, assuming that the operators manage to get enough banwidth to users at an ecomomic price. It is cheaper and potentially more environmentally friendly to install 4G than bury miles of cable. I believe that we will see people using 4G modems/routers with a failover or backup to slower cable broadband.


Cradlepoint is in a key position, carrying out trials and working with operators in the USA and UK on both WiMax and LTE next generation cellular communication technologies. Most routers will be LTE capable - just load the latest firmware (with a few mouse clicks) and plug in your new modem and you will be up and running i no time.


WiMax / LTE is much more complex than 3G or 3G+ / HSDPA, a laptop with a dongle will struggle to connect, the routers do all the donkey connection work... and Cradlepoint Routers have been actively working on WiMax high speed networks for many years in the USA as well as LTE networks for over a year, so we have the knowledge and ability to solve your connection issues.

Why Cradlepoint ?

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