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IBR1100 LP6

IBR600P - HSPA+ 3.5G

IBR600LP2 - LTE 4G

Integrated Modem Broadband Router

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IBR600 Accessories


The CradlePoint COR Series is built for your M2M network. It’s an affordable, highly-featured compact router designed for critical business and enterprise applications that require 24x7 connectivity.

With its compact size, sleek metal case, mounting bracket, and external mobile broadband and WiFi antennas, COR is ideal for use in high-availability applications like ATMs, kiosks, surveillance, vehicles, etc.

Get instant network connectivity with a CradlePoint COR; just activate the built-in modem and go. Ideal for deployment as a primary connection solution where wired Internet is not available. It also supports traditional wired data networks like DSL or Cable for maximum network flexibility.

Increase your Internet availability and ensure maximum uptime with business continuity features like failover / failback standard in CradlePoint COR. When configured, the router detects network failures and seamlessly switches over to another active connected data source--keeping your network online.

COR also provides secure and reliable VPN functionality, allowing users to create, manage, and terminate up to 5 concurrent IPSec VPN sessions. It allows for secure access to company networks for enterprise applications and provides a secure way to transmit sensitive data to and from a remote site.

What is WiPipe?


  • Fully Integrated Router/Bridge
  • Integrated 3G/4G modem
  • Ruggedized Metal Housing
  • External 3G/4G and WiFi Antennas
  • Two Ethernet Ports
  • (LAN/LAN or WAN/LAN)
  • WiFi 802.11 with Full Security
  • Non-WiFi version available
  • Built-in GPS with NMEA Output ( carrier dependant)
  • Comes complete with International Power supply and UK,European, US and Australian pins.
  • ALSO includes Mounting Bracket and Antennae for Modem and WiFi 

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IBR600 Datasheet

Omni Directional Antenna

- High Gain

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Interested in volume IBR600 ???

If you are intrested in the CradlePoint IBR600P HSPA+

or IBR600LP2 LTE integrated modem router, Please let us know and we will contact you with an offer for a demonstration unit.

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IBR600P Has a last ship date of 30th June 2015.

HOWEVER there are large stocks of these.