WiPipe™ Technology

WiPipe™ technology includes a number of proprietary algorithms and functions that insure the best use of available bandwidth while delivering a responsive, uncomplicated user experience. WiPipe™ includes a proprietary Traffic Shaping algorithm that works with the carrier's WAN management scheme to improve overall system efficiency. From the user application perspective, WiPipe™ helps prioritize time-critical packets to provide the best performance in latency-sensitive applications, while insuring that the background tasks are finished without interruption. The latest corporate applications are supported, including multiple VPN pass through, and also supports WPA and WPA2 encryption to support even the toughest IT standards. Whether running peer-to-peer gaming or corporate applications, CradlePoint’s technology delivers the best user experience.
WiPipe™ also incorporates a proprietary Access Management control mechanism to provide the user an added level of security and protection regardless of the encryption methodology utilized. It also takes convenience and simplicity to a new level.